Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to Buy Mother's Day Flowers

The guests have been invited, the food ready and the table set. Forget anything?

Sometimes the most important gift for mom is the last thing on our minds as family get-togethers on Mother's Day are filled with details, details!

Fortunately, the proliferation of flower stands - now often found tucked into unlikeliest of places - have been a godsend for buying last-minute bouquets (and has probably saved many a marriage or family relationship in the process.) Think Walmarts, the local mall, the supermarket, or even outside a local train station.

Here in New York City, probably the quickest way is to walk down the street to pick up flowers at any number of local corner grocers.

Otherwise, keep stress levels low by logging on to order from a variety of top online flower stores offering a bunch of ideas for delivering Mother's Day flowers pronto.

What to order - Mother's Day Flower etiquette

Carnations - The traditional flower for Mother's Day dating back a century or more, carnations in red or pink are the time-honored way of saying Happy Mother's Day. Just don't make the mistake of ordering white carnations, They are the traditional flowers that honor mothers who have passed on. (Embarassing to say the least, and painful at most when mom hits your over the head with them.)

Roses - The more modern tradition, roses have the "wow" factor that carnations lack. They're also faux-pas proof and come in a wider variety of colors. White roses are fine, with a single red rose in the middle symbolizing mom's special place in your heart.

Gerbera daisies - In many parts of the US, these colorful relatives of the sunflower (also known as Gerber daisies) make up the traditional Mother's Day bouquet. Bold, bright and sunny, they outshine regular daisies and always make a more lasting impression.

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