Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Party Hawaiian - Food & Menu Planning

Summertime...and it's time to host a luau! Think the theme is a little too exotic or not sure what to serve? No worries, brah.

Four main ingredients (actually five if you count the rum!) make up the summer's most popular party theme. That is - seafood, pork, pineapple and cocunut.

Let these basic Hawaiian "food groups" flow through your menu from appetizers, main courses to desserts, and you and your guests will be partying Hawaiian in no time.

First, break the ice with these classic Hawaiian luau drinks:

Appetizers - pass around a pupu platter filled with these tasty morsels:

Also, don't forget the bowls of macadamia nuts, or go all out with this dynamite recipe for macadamia nut hummus and chips.

Main course - pork, of course - but a whole pig roast? If you have the time, the patience and the room out in the backyard. go for it! However, here are some easier luau recipes to try without going whole hog:


More about Hawaiin luau party food around the Web:


  1. I think that you should put in more idea's. Like some for kids you know like some idea's that teens and kids would like.Kids can't have rum and achohal and macadamian nuts to kids are gross. So think of some great idea's like nothing like goldfish and kool-aid.Some thing good like tropical fruit salad and hawian punch. Think of good idea's teens would like.

  2. It's true. Kids and teens will often go for party food they're already familiar with, but you can make its special for a luau. All it takes is presentation.

    For instance:

    Hawaiian pizza - Make miniature English muffin pizzas, but top with a slice of ham and pineapple.

    Hawaiian chicken wings - Barbecue or grill with a pineapple or orange glaze.

    For dessert, use oranges cut in half, then hollow out the insides to make serving cups for orange sherbet, fruit salad or jello.

    Mix up a batch of "Hawaiian cocktails" - fruit juice and lemonade served in hurricane glasses, and served with a straw.

    Don't forget to top with a cherry and a cocktail umbrella.

    Or how about Virgin Pina Coladas?

    If anybody else has any other ideas, please contribute!

  3. I had a station set up by the grill with chicken, pineapple and various veggies to let everyone make thier own kabobs.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun for the guests. And less work for the host - Priceless :)

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