Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Party Game Ideas for Kids & Adults

You've got the nachos, the cerveza and mariachi music all set for a great Mexican fiesta. But what's a party without the fun and games? 

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, check out some of the best fiesta icebreakers and party games for both kids and adults:

Spanish Word Scramble - Pass out a sheet of jumbled Spanish words and see who can unscramble the greatest number of words correctly. Have pity on those unfamiliar with Spanish by using the most commonly understood words, i.e., casa, mucho, nada, senora, etc.

Find the Worm - Place gummy worms in bottles of water or sodas. The first one to jug-a-lug to the bottom - and eat the worm - is declared the winner.

Pass the Sombrero - A bit like ‘musical chairs’ but instead party guests have to try on a sombrero. Play Mexican mariachi music as the game begins and when the music stops the guest wearing the sombrero is out of the game. For extra laughs, give eliminated players the option to perform a Mexican hat dance to get back into the game. 

Nachos-Eating Competition - Have several bowls of nachos and party dip ready for guests to pair up into teams. One team-member must stand behind the other, acting as their ‘arms’, who must feed the nachos to their partner. The first team to empty their bowl is the winner. Provide bibs and floor covering and be prepared for a big MESS - and loads of great laughs (and have the camera ready).

Mexican Hat Dance - Turn up the mariachi music and have each person place a sombrero on the ground and dance around it. Whoever doesn’t get dizzy and dances the longest wins a prize! Or, hand out several prizes for most original dance, funniest dance or most unusual. 

Fiesta Scavenger Hunt List - Below, some ideas to get partygoers embarking on a Mexican party theme scavenger hunt through the house or the backyard. Set up the game so it can be played either individually or in teams, with each item assigned a point value. The person or team who scores the most points wins a prize! Happy hunting... 
  • sombrero
  • decorated pottery
  • miniature Mexican flag
  • cactus plant
  • tissue flower
  • gold foil covered chocolate “pesos”
  • Mexico map
  • bag of tortilla chips
  • toy maracas
  • box of taco shells 
  • bottle of hot sauce
  • lime
  • avocado


  1. Very helpful, informative and gr8 IDEAS! :)

  2. Great ideas for our party....I think the scavenger hunt I'd perfect for our elderly partiers.