Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Top Ten Most Popular Party Themes

1. Sweet 16 Party Ideas - At the top of the heap, Sweet 16 remains THE most popular party theme visitors want to know more about at 

Whether it's parents looking to celebrate their daughter's coming of age, or teens themselves looking to plan their own once-in-a-liftime party, Sweet 16 attracts an audience spanning not one, but two generations. Leading search terms? "Sweet 16 party tips" and "Sweet 16 party invitations".

2. Scavenger Hunt Ideas - If it wasn't officially classified as a party activity, scavenger hunts might have topped the list of favorite party themes. As it stands, we've given over a seperate page dedicated to this wildly popular party game that encompasses birthday themes as well as holiday celebrations and activities year round. Most popular search: "Halloween scavenger hunts."

3. 80's Party Ideas - Leading the list of nostalgia themes (followed by 70's and the 50's), 80's party themes provide a great opportunity for going over the top with the era's dress code that ran the gamut of bad fashion ideas. Think big hair, huge shoulder pads and Miami Vice jackets. But having lived through the years of glitter rock and Raybans our editors continue to wonder.... Why God? Why?

4. Hawaiian Luau Party Ideas - The favorite party theme of pool lounge lizards and beach party goers, the Hawaiian theme regularly has both Americans and Australians saying Aloha. That our summer is their winter (and vice versa) is what makes Web search for Hawaiian theme party tips a year-round phenomenon.

5. 60th Birthday Party Ideas - Two words: Baby boomers.

6. Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas - Is it the Margaritas, the chimichangas, or the mariachi music? Yes. 

A perennial favorite, with an extra spike as Cinco de Mayo draws near...

7. Pirate Party Ideas - Two words: Johnny Depp, with evident spikes on or around Talk Like a Pirate Day

8. Graduation Party Ideas - This one makes the list solely for its huge popularity during April, May and June, with high school graduations leading the way followed by preschool, kindergarten and "graduation speech quotes".

9. Dora Explora Party Ideas - While Spiderman and Batman also rule,  the princess of educational television continues to reign over toddler parties.

10. 2-Year-Old Party Ideas - Also a Dora party cross-over, 2 is the age when kids can really rock the house, although specific searches (especially by new parents) tend toward how much partying a 2-year-old can actually stand. (Hint: after an hour or so, the party's over.)

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