Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher's Day Recipes - Homemade Treats to Honor Your Favorite Teacher

Ask any teacher or school bus driver what they most appreciate as thoughtful gifts to honor their service and most will secretly admit to homemade cookies, cakes and other treats.

Yes, it's true. Most teachers have a sweet tooth, and who can blame them? 

On their feet for most of the day as they deal with kids, parents and school administrators, they probablly burn enough calories to make a construction worker blush.

So this Teacher's Day, why not whip up a batch of treats you can make yourself to honor teachers that really make a difference in your children's lives? It's a simple, thoughtful gesture that will give them a sweet memory of how much they are appreciated.

You can start right now by searching online for favorite recipes sure to please any teacher  include their favorite ingredients. 

Chocolate, for instance! 

Simple chocolate chip cookies are fun and easy to make, 
and the kids can even join in to help. Find more easy chocolate treat recipes here.

Instead of an apple, a delicious homemade apple cinnamon cake will stay fresh for days and may be enjoyed as a quick breakfast treat over a hot cup of tea or coffee.

If you're handy with fondant or an icing tube, make a sheet cake and decorate in a Teacher's Day theme, (ABC's, math symbols, etc) or get really crafty and sculpt the cake in the shape of an apple, a teapot, an open book, or a school bus - and decorate accordingly.

Other ideas are only limited to your imagination. Don't forget to add a special Teacher's Day card with your gift with a special note inside reading: "...You take the cake!"

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