Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mother's Day Party Ideas

One of the most warmhearted spring celebrations, every May in the US (or March in the UK) a special day is set aside to remember a mother's love and support that is often there for the asking throughout our entire lives.

To help remember mom on her special day, here are some great tips on hosting a celebration with family or friends that will honor mom in first-class style while still going easy on your budget:

Going Out for Mother's Day

While home celebrations In early May, start scouting out local restaurants that feature special Mother's Day brunch or dinner menus.

Often, a package deal is offered at an all-inclusive price that includes a cocktail, appetizer, and the main meal complete with dessert and coffee, so you can more easily keep track of costs.

With the money you've saved, ask if you can have a special cake (together with a rousing chorus of "Happy Mother's Day to you!...) or maybe a bottle of champagne brought to the table to toast the special guest of honor.

Getting "Fresh" with Mom on Mother's Day

On the other hand, hosting a party at home may be more intimate and heartfelt - and far less expensive, especially when everyone pitches in.

For Mother's Day brunch or garden party, be sure to decorate with lots of mom's favorite flowers.

Include on the menu: fresh fruit and fresh-squeezed juices, (if you're extra crafty, also try your hand at carving an edible watermelon basket); serve a platter of homemade deviled eggs and cold cuts; and don't forget the batch of fresh homemade biscuits.

For a more formal sit-down dinner, family-style one-pan meals of lasgna or baked ziti are both easy on your time and budget. Served with a salad and plenty of crusty bread - and dinner is served! Of course, special touches like fancy Mother's Day drinks, and Mother's Day desserts
make it that much more memorable.

Just remember - whether it's in a neighborhood restaurant, a formal sit-down or a more casual buffet at home on Mother's Day - make sure mom gets served first!

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