Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fast, Easy Graduation Party Food Ideas

Here are some of the quickiest, easiest and most practical ideas for throwing a graduation party without the hassles.

For easy cleanup afterwards, stock up on plastic forks, knives, spoons and serving utensils, paper or plastic cups, plates and table clothes.

Easy finger food suggestions

veggie tray and dip
tortilla roll ups
antipasto tray
shrimp and cocktail sauce (look for the prepacked party trays at your local supermarket)

The main graduation party menu

6-foot long hero sandwiches - from Sam's or Costco.

Two words - Pizza party! Have it delivered.

Backyard garden party - A good idea for morning or early afternoon get-togethers, with guests filling up on finger sandwiches, scones, bite-sized desserts, tea and coffee.

Taco bar - Prepare the fixings the night before. Include shredded lettuce, cheese and tacho shells - set up the meat filling in a large crockpot or on a pan warmer - and let guests serve themselves.

Have a cookout - More work for mom and dad, but several pounds of hamburger and jumbo packages of hot dogs should do the trick. Don't forget the chips, dip and potato salad.

Drinks - Have plenty of ice on hand to fill up coolers with soda, water, beer or wine. Hint: label each cooler so guests know exactly where to find their favorite beverage without asking.

Graduation party desserts - Besides a quick graduation sheet cakes, cupcakes are the easiest dessert to serve. Buy them prepackaged and mound them in a pyramid on a serving tray and let guests serve themselves. Or try your hand at making the ever popular graduation cap cakes.

Your fastest, cheapest bet? Hit your local Dunkin Donuts.

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  1. You might want to delete beer and wine from your beverage list above -- NOT a good idea to serve at a graduation party!

  2. Good catch. We hear ya! :)

    What we SHOULD have said is "and for the adults..."

  3. I totally agree about the beer and wine not a good idea..the party is for the graduate not the adults..adults can drink anytime..this special day is for the graduate..make the graduate feel special and leave the drinking for another time..couple years back my nephew had his grad party and drinking was involved well needless to say my husband almost died and we ended up with a hospital bill over 5,000 because of the drinking at the party..and no he didn't over drink something was put in his drink at the party..I will never attend another grad party that involves drinking..thank-you