Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jim-Dandy, Whizbang & Humdinger Appreciation Day is July 9!

Are you asking exactly what is it that gets celebrated on Jim-Dandy, Whizbang & Humdinger Appreciation Day?

We were wondering the same thing. Lucky for us we found 
The Random House Dictionary of Slang which cleared up the whole thing pretty quickly. 
It seems that just about anything that is A, A-1, A number one, A plus, sly, copacetic, kopesetic, , gnarly, smashing, brilliant, super, brutal, ace high, awesome, first class, first chop or first rate, golden, dynamite, unreal, cool, coolsville, zero cool, cold, cool, chill, stone cold, boss, stunning, heavy, hundred proof, wicked, gimchy, check plus, stellar, dreamy, all wool and a yard wide, jam up, slap up, fine and dandy, crack, solid gold, crackerjack, peacherino, peach, peachy, ginger peachy or peachy keen  qualifies as a party focus on this wonderful day.

If it's the most, the berries, the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the cat's whiskers, the cat's pajamas, the butterfly's book, the caterpillar's kimono, the greatest, out of this world, out of sight, top of the line, state  of  the  art, a lollapaloosa or a super-duper,  hooper-dooper,  super-colossal, sweetheart, catch get ready to celebrate!

But why limit your celebrations of the totally tubular to just one day a year? We say that every day should be 
Jim-Dandy, Whizbang & Humdinger Appreciation Day! 

Why stop at that? Why not have a whole Jim-Dandy, Whizbang & Humdinger Appreciation Year, Decade or even Century!! Here's to the best peachy, caterpillar's kimono, gnarly, far out, fantastic time of your life and the party that goes with it!!

Stop in at the Chiff.com party pages for tips on drinks, recipes and anything else you need to know for, well... the greatest, out of this world, hundred proof, dreamy party ever!

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