Monday, June 1, 2009

Top Ten Father's Day Gift Ideas

Of course, there are plenty of bad father's day gift ideas

Then there are the classics that are always sure to please. If you've already given the tie, the socks, hankerchiefs (or the requisite bottle of Old Spice), check out these time-tested Father's Day gift ideas that will really make him feel like King for a Day:

1. Sports events tickets - If dad's a sports lover, tickets to his favorite team's sporting event will catch his attention on Father's Day. Get tickets for you and your siblings to make it a fun family outing.

2. Beer of the month club subscription - If Dad is a beer drinker, this surprise is a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and a great reason to stay in touch to find out which one's he liked, and which one's he didn't, and why.

3. Food gift basket - Buy one premade online, or create it yourself. Just make sure it's filled with all his favorite foods, snacks or beverages for a truly enjoyable and memorable Father's Day Gift.

4. Universal remote - A great guy gift for any occasion. (For a good laugh, consider buying one of those oversized giant TV remotes that are too big to misplace. Mom will thank you, too.) If Dad's not tech-saavy, help him set it up. 

5. The gift of travel - Send Dad AND mom on a short cruise, a local winery tour, a weekend getaway, or golf resort. If money is tight, chip in with other siblings to defray the cost.

6. Dinner for two to his favorite restaurant - Does he rave about a great but pricy restaurant nearby that's normally only reserved for special occasions? Purchase a gift certificate to treat dad and mom to a night out on the town.

7. Keep him entertained - Shop around for his favorite movies of all time, like the Godfather trilogy, or a gift set of favorite action movies or westerns. You might also consider adding to dad's cable subscription with an upgrade to a favorite premium sports or movie channel.

8. Go top shelf - Make it special with the premium 12-year old single malt, or how about a vintage bottle of wine? Also consider upgrading him to a pair of hi-tech digital binoculars, or check out that new Swiss army knife complete with USB hard drive for geek dads.

9. Magazine subscription - With thousands to choose from, you're sure to find one he likes, whether its Travel & Leisure, Golf Digest, or even a Newsweek subscription for great bathroom reading.

10. Still not sure what to get? - Treat dad to a gift card or certificate to his favorite automotive center, home improvement store or clothing shop, and let him go wild.

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  1. How about spend some quality time with him> Probably rank #1

  2. Yes, spending quality time is as much a gift for ourselves and it is for him. And to anyone who has lost their dad, best wishes for keeping his memory alive this Father's Day.

    Warm regards, and thanks for the reminder.